Diaspora – Goals

The establishment of Diaspora Desks in all Ghana Missions abroad is a national policy initiative to constructively engage the Ghanaian Diaspora in national development. In this regard, the Diaspora Unit of the Embassy aims at:

  1. Building a database of Ghanaians living in Mission’s countries of accreditation to facilitate outreach and support programmes, and the mainstreaming of such Ghanaians into the national development agenda.
  2. Facilitating the organization of Ghanaian Associations with the aim of promoting unity among Ghanaian Diaspora, and assist our compatriots, where possible, to attain a more purposeful stay in host country and countries of accreditation.
  3. Work with Ghanaian Diaspora through Ghanaian Associations in Zimbabwe to project and promote the image of Ghana, as well as push through the development agenda of Ghana.
  4. The management and dissemination of relevant information and trends in Ghana, to Ghanaians, Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, Comorians and the general public.
  5. Organize cultural exhibitions, festivals, and other such related activities that the Mission may undertake or is invited to participate in it;

In this connection, all Ghanaians in Zimbabwe and in countries to which the Mission is concurrently accredited are encouraged to register with the Mission and also with Ghanaian Associations in their respective provinces of Resident in these countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Mission to inquire about which Ghanaian Associations exist in your location.

In instances where an Association is not available in the area of residence, the Ghana Embassy looks forward to working with members of the Ghanaian Diaspora in such areas to establish one.

In the interim, such Ghanaians are kindly advised to register with the Mission directly if convenient, or to register online via the Mission’s website.

The Embassy looks forward to regular interaction with Ghanaians and the general public to facilitate the provision of quality service and assistance, and also to fulfill the mandate of the Diaspora Section.

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